at the water’s edge…

Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes as our collaborative book moves ever closer to publication. We’re in the middle of copyedits now, a process that has us responding to author queries and looking at every single word through a microscope.


When your index includes 20 separate entries for fish, you know you’re writing about islands, and this island in particular.


We’re also developing the book’s accompanying blog. Designed to support classroom use, it includes prompts and activities, as well as images, links to web-based resources, and references.


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.25.50 AM

Shhh! It’s not live, yet! But isn’t it gorgeous?

Autoethnography and Feminist Theory and the Water’s Edge: Unsettled Islands will be released in July 2018 (can’t wait!) and we’ll host a book launch here on Memorial University’s campus sometime in September.

If you’re really, really keen, you can pre-order the book (e-book or hardcover) on the Palgrave website. Click here for more information.

It can also be found at and and can be ordered by your favourite bookseller.



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